Safety tips for getting into outdoor adventure sports



The tragic death of 21 runners suffering extreme weather at the cross-country mountain marathon race in Baiyin City, Gansu Province has not only sparked public concern in China, but also turned the spotlight on safety precautions in action-packed outdoor adventure sports.

Race planning and real-time info is essential

A comprehensive race planning is essential in carrying out an activity.

It includes risk assessment, reports and record keeping, transportation, and traffic management.

Weather planning is especially important as it requires organizers to develop, review, exercise and revise plans for all manner of adverse weather and response.

Organizers also need to monitor the whole race with specific supply stops throughout the journey.

Sheltering and evacuating is important and organizers need to provide real-time information on race conditions and severe weather to participants.

Safety always comes first

Outdoor sports fans should make adequate preparations before the trip and always keep in mind that safety is the priority.

A beginner in outdoor sports is highly recommended to choose a licensed team that can provide professional guide and assistance before setting off.

Veterans also need to keep a close contact with their team during the journey.

In China, climbing events need to be approved by authorities, when involving mountains over 5,000 meters above sea level in the Tibet Autonomous Region and 3,500 meters in other provinces and cities. The competition should be organized in strict accordance with the nation's Mountaineering Management Measures.

Proper warm-up exercises

The popular Nike slogan "Just do it" may have inspired millions in challenging themselves. But please keep in mind that performing only those skills and techniques as instructed or supervised by your coach and act according to your body capability.

Properly fit outdoor equipment, including shoes, outfits, hats, and glasses, needs a double check before the journey.

Runners should be familiar with basic rescue knowledge in terms of heat exhaustion, stroke, sprained ankles and be prepared for adverse weather.

In the outdoor environment, it is necessary to travel and camp on tolerable ground, properly dispose of garbage, maintain the natural appearance, respect the habits of wild animals, consider other field activities, and respect nature.

Also, it is our responsibility to respect the environment, love nature while enjoying outdoor adventures.