The Art of the Party: Centennial Monument




In 1919, thousands of Chinese students traveled to France to participate in a new program called the Diligent Work-Frugal Study Movement.

They sought ways to transform China where poverty was a rampant social problem.

They learned about French culture, Western science and Marxist philosophy.

To pay for their studies, the young Chinese students often had to work in factories for low wages.

They experienced language barriers and endured difficult living conditions.

The movement played a critical role in establishing the Communist Party of China and educating some of its future leaders.

One of them was Deng Xiaoping, who was inspired by the teachings of Marxism.

He believed the Marxist philosophy could solve China's poverty epidemic.

On May 4, 2019, sculptor Wu Weishan created a large bronze relief to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Diligent Work-Frugal Study Movement and the young people who empowered it.

Called "Centennial Monument," it represents an important milestone in the history of the Communist Revolution.

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