Yiwu ’s “Buy-Sell to Reach Globe”



By APD writer:Tao Xing, Zhong Ping

iwu Import Chamber of Commerce had its name day on December 15, 2017. “Expressing it in another way, 2018 will be our first year of China’s import industry. The import trading is a crucial venture of Yiwu.” Yiwu Deputy Mayor Pubu Zhujiu emphasized.

Yiwu Deputy Mayor Pubu Zhujiu is addressing the audience

Despite the sluggish, unfavorable nationwide import challenge of 2017, Yiwu managed to make fast growth in its importation as an integrated effort of Yiwu’s importers.

The import trading has brought new opportunity for Yiwu. Wang Birong, director of Yiwu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, added, “The Bureau will buck in service scope to the chamber of commerce as the commerce strengthens its own effort to be a good contributor and assistant to the party and the government.”

Wang Birong, director of Yiwu Municipal Bureau of Commerce

Huang Yuanli, the newly elected director of Yiwu Import Chamber of Commerce, revealed, ”Up today, the commerce has already attracted over 180 members. The commerce’s objective is to extend the idea of “Buy from the Globe, Sell to the Globe”, executing the government’s decisions and boosting the members’ enterprise as a bridge for the government, industry and companies to substantiate the platform to offer quality efficient services for the society, industry and enterprises.”

Members of this chamber of commerce already include overseas manufacturers, branding businesses, foreign traders, and the domestic up- and down-streams companies of the importation industrial chain in customs declaration, logistics, warehouse, finance, attorneys and associations.

Zhu Weisong, Yiwu NPC deputy director, was awarding Yiwu Import Chamber of Commerce designation to its new director, Huang Yuanli

“Yiwu is always a vanguard. The debut of the Import Chamber of Commerce leaps forward another trailblazer of the usual export chamber of commerce in China.” Professor Lu Jinyong of University of International Business and Economics believes China needs amplify its import and international investment to mobilize other nations in concurrent development, as a necessary measure to balance the long-term disequilibrium, upgrade its domestic consumption and industrial structures.

As a direct seconding of the State’s policy of the import expansion strategy, steering from the export model of “Buy from the Domestic, Sell to the Globe” to the import model of “Buy from the Globe, Sell to the Globe”, the organizing of the Import Chamber of Commerce adopts the industrial market procurement model to importation.

Ali M.Fadhil Ahmed Al-Rubaie, President of the Iraqi-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, also a member of Yiwu Chamber of Commerce, has been in China for eleven years and engaging in business in Yiwu for years. “I have been doing export business and expect to explore the import business through this Import Chamber of Commerce platform." He expressed.

Zhu Weisong, Yiwu NPC deputy director, Pubu Zhujiu, Yiwu deputy mayor, Wang Yimin, vice chairman of CPPCC, principals of the municipal government and members of the Import Chamber of Commerce attended the ceremony.

(Asia Pacific Daily)