Japan sets limit on spectator numbers for Tokyo Games



During the coming Tokyo Olympics, the competitions will have a cap of 10,000 on spectators in the venues if the number does not exceed half of the venue's capacity, announced the Olympic organizers on Monday.

Representatives of five organizing bodies, including the International Olympic Committee chief Thomas Bach and Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, agreed on the limit. Meanwhile, the option of holding the Games behind closed doors will remain open, according to Kyodo News.

General view of the International Stadium Yokohama for the Tokyo Olympics in Yokohama, Japan. /CFP

"Because of this full trust in you, I can already tell you now that even before having heard your decision that the IOC will fully support your decision, and will fully contribute to making these games as safe and secure for the Japanese people and for all participants," said Bach in his opening remarks for the five-party meeting.

The organizing committee suggested spectators travel only between the venues and their accommodation sites without stopping anywhere else to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading.

There will be about 40 venues in Tokyo and other prefectures holding competitions during the Olympics. The largest ones include 72,000-capacity International Stadium Yokohama, the 48,000-capacity Tokyo Stadium, and the 68,000-capacity National Stadium.

General view of the National Stadium for the Tokyo Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. /CFP

The Olympic opening ceremony will take place at the National Stadium with a 20,000 limit of attendance that includes both ticket-holding spectators and officials related to the Games, according to Kyodo News. The organizing committee was considering cutting that number by several thousand.

About 42 percent of the total tickets for the venues have been sold, and for some events, the sales are already more than 50 percent of the capacity. Kyodo News reported that it might take a lottery to decide which ticket holders can watch the competitions in the venues.