A New World: Rio 2016 unveils official slogan for Olympic and Paralympic Games

Xinhua News Agency


The Rio 2016 organizing committee revealed the official slogan for the first Olympic and Paralympic Games in South America: "A New World" , meanwhile the Olympic medals were also unveiled on Tuesday, 52 days from the start of the Rio Olympic Games.

Along with the Olympic torch, the medals and the mascots, the slogan plays a major part in creating the unique identity of each Olympic Games.

For Rio 2016, the core values of the slogan and the manifesto are unity, respect for diversity and the will for change.

"It is what the Olympic movement is all about, changing the world for the better" said Thomas Bach, the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) at the event.

"Here in Rio you will make of it a great experience. Because there will be a Rio de Janeiro before the Games and another after, a new and better city. The future is for the youth of Brazil. See you in 52 days."

Earlier in the day, the curtain was lifted on the designs of the medals for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Nearly 2,500 gold, silver and bronze medals produced according to strict sustainability criteria.