Philippine gov't hopes for resolution of Maguindanao massacre by 2016


The Philippine government on Wednesday expressed hope that the Maguindanao massacre case would be resolved on or before June 2016.

Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda made the statement after the prosecution panel has concluded the presentation of its evidence in court.

"This is a big step for us that prosecution has rested its case insofar as some of the respondents or the accused are concerned," Lacierda said.

"Certainly, the (government) wants closure. We want an outcome in the Maguindanao trial case and we hope that it would come in 2016," he added.

The prosecution panel announced on March 4 that it has ended the presentation of evidence against the 28 suspects in the multiple murder case.

Some 58 people, mostly journalists, were murdered in November 2009 in Maguindanao, considered to be the worst election-related violence in Philippine history. The killings were allegedly masterminded by some members of the powerful Ampatuan clan.