3 killed, 2 injured in S.Korea's tower crane collapse accident



Three workers were killed and two others injured when a high-rise tower crane collapsed in South Korea earlier Tuesday, local media reported citing the police and firefighting authorities.

The 20-story-high crane snapped and fell to the ground at about 1:36 p.m. local time (0436 GMT) at an apartment construction site in Uijeongbu city, Gyeonggi province.

At the time of collapse, four workers were dismantling the tower crane on top of it. Among them, three were killed after it fell down to the ground.

The other worker was fortunately hooked with cords of the crane and was rescued about an hour later, according to the media reports. He was rushed to a nearby hospital for a heavy injury.

The tower crane driver was wounded, but it was a minor injury as he escaped from the driving seat located in land.

The firefighting authorities were quoted as saying there was no more casualty found from the debris after searching operations. The exact cause of the accident was still under investigation.