Robot passes China's National Medical Licensing Examination



Xiao Yi, a robot developed by Tsinghua University has passed China's National Medical Licensing Examination. It scored 456, exceeding the acceptance line by 96 points. It is the first robot in China to participate in the exam with full marks of 600.

"This shows that it has indeed mastered the medical knowledge and clinical knowledge, and it has owned the basic ability to employ the knowledge to solve some problems," said Wu Ji, deputy director of electronic engineering department of Tsinghua University.

Xiao Yi took the exam in a separate room simultaneously with the other examinees, with nearly 10 staff members working for its exam. To get a good exam result, the researchers of Xiao Yi started preparing since June 2016. They input knowledge from various medical textbooks into Xiao Yi's "brain."

To deal with actual problems, researchers invited medical experts for Xiao Yi in February to learn clinical experience and case diagnosis. Yet researchers acknowledge that they still have a long way to go before getting Xiao Yi become a qualified doctor.