Senegalese president lifts state of emergency



Senegalese President Makcy Sall said Monday night that, starting from 11 p.m. Tuesday, the state of emergency and the related curfew will be lifted across the country.

Due to the high risk of COVID-19 spreading, enclosed places hosting leisure activities will remain closed, Sall added during his televised address.

Sall's decision to lift the state of emergency is seen as part of the government's effort to relaunch the economy that has been dramatically affected by the pandemic.

Senegal reported its first confirmed case of COVID-19 on March 2. Since then, the West African country has reported 6,698 confirmed cases, including 108 deaths and 4,341 recoveries.

Although Sall decided to further ease restrictive COVID-19 measures, he warned that the pandemic is not over, stressing the importance of respecting barrier gestures.