Opinion: Innovation is vital to China’s internet security



"A lack of core Internet technology is a weakness of China. If core components of products are reliant on import and the supply chains are controlled by others, the potential damage to our IT industry would be catastrophic," Chinese President Xi Jinping said at a symposium on cybersecurity and IT application in Beijing on April 19, 2016 .

His worries about China's Internet security and independence two years ago are realized as the US banned American firms from selling parts and software to China’s ZTE Corp for seven years earlier this week.

In fact, President Xi had found a solution to China's Internet corporations which are seeking to thrive on fierce global competition – innovation. Xi points out that it is through innovation that China will be able to really achieve the goal of Internet independence that will protect the nation's security.

ZTE‘s research and development center in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province./VCG Photo.

Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed a rapid technological advances in China's Internet as well as increased Internet security. However, with regards to core Internet technology, there is still a huge gap between China and the West.

As President Xi stated two years ago, the lack of core Internet technology is still a main issue impeding China's Internet advancement, which poses a threat to China's Internet security.

The US' ban to sell components to ZTE Corp. is the embodiment of West's hostility towards China's peaceful rising. They view it as a main threat to their own interests and try to hinder the development of China's Internet through technological blockades. Several Chinese globally influential Internet corporations have been victims of anti-Chinese sentiment, and have been "sanctioned" by trade barriers set by some Western countries.

Internet plays a large role in people’s lives and how they view the world. Today, with the advent of the age of "Internet plus", Internet technology becomes very important. Both developed and developing countries have been making numerous efforts to encourage innovations in the hope of maximizing profits.

The Long March 2F carrier rocket was prepared well to take Tiangong No.2 which is independently designed and manufactured by China in Jiuquan, Gansu Province on Sep.10, 2016./VCG Photo‍

Given the significant role Internet plays in China's economy, it’s necessary to push forward China's Internet. It could be worked as a driving force of our economic prosperity, thus China should continue innovating. The innovation should start with capability in producing home-made microchips that free us from our dependence on the West. President Xi's foresight requires Chinese Internet companies to be given priority in order to enhance their innovative abilities, especially core and frontier technologies that would impact the world in the long term.

It would be challenging, but Chinese relish challenges. Besides, the country already made a number of leaps in technology such as independently launching satellites into space. As long as Chinese people are determined to succeed, we will conquer any hurdle.