Japan's 'China threat' claim an excuse for military expansion: MOFA



Japan should immediately stop reinforcing the so-called peripheral security threats and seeking excuses for its military expansion and army forces, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin made the remarks at a regular press conference in response to recent "China threat" comments from Japan, saying that Japan, a country bearing historical guilt toward its Asian neighbors, should reflect seriously on its history of invasion and respect its neighbors' security concerns.

Using the "China threat" to constantly air missile project development and a so-called capability to strike back, Japan is trying to break through the constraint of the Constitution of Japan and go back to military expansion, Wang said.

He said Japan's attempt to overturn the post-World War II international order sends a dangerous signal to the world, which ought to arouse high alert among the international community.

Japan upgraded its cruise missiles and research on hypersonic weapons as it seeks to significantly increase military spending to counter what Tokyo sees as the rising threat from China, the Financial Times said on Wednesday.