Chengdu seizes opportunity to boost sports industry with Universiade



After more than a week of events, the 31st Summer Universiade in Chengdu will come to a close on Tuesday.

As the first city in western China to host a world-class multi-sport event, Chengdu has used this opportunity to integrate sports with urban development, business growth, and public benefits.

The city's goal is to promote modernization and internationalization while also improving the well-being and happiness of its residents.

Chengdu has been actively promoting the concept of "sports making life better" in recent years, which has generated increased sports consumption.

Over the past three years, Chengdu has signed contracts for over a hundred major sports industry projects, totaling more than 87 billion yuan ($12 billion).

The city's total sports consumption scale reached 57.86 billion yuan by 2022, with an average of 2,721 yuan per capita.

The Jinniu District, responsible for preparing four venues for the Chengdu Universiade, has seen these venues host various music performances and sports events throughout the year. These events have generated over 140 million yuan in income.

Moving forward, Chengdu pledged to continue focusing on sports consumption and working towards its development and expansion.

Large international sports events like the Universiade have a significant impact on commercial development, according to Zhu Jianhui, head of retail real estate and consumer research at JLL China.

The fostering of sports and health consciousness is reshaping new trends in spending and becoming a bright spot in the structural recovery of the consumption market, Zhu added.