Animation: A mask's test




Hello. I'm a mask.

Within a few weeks, I've gone from a nobody to being wanted by everybody.

I'm being snapped up left and right around the world because people are worried about catching this novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19.

We come in different shapes and sizes, flying around the world to help prevent the virus from spreading – but some of our most important work is done in the ground zero city of Wuhan.

We've traveled to Hubei not only from different provinces in China, but also from over 20 countries such as Japan and Kenya, as part of a global effort.

We are protecting those who are integral to fighting the outbreak, from China's famous epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan to doctors and nurses risking infection from treating affected patients as well as the anxious people of Wuhan.

We are seeing firsthand how China is using its vast resources and manpower to fight back against the coronavirus.

Some have flown to hospitals that were built in 10 days to accommodate the growing number of patients in Wuhan.

Others are being mobilized along with thousands of military personnel on the country's Y-20 transport aircraft.

As for doctors and nurses, we are doing our best to help the 41,000 medical professionals from around the country who have descended on Hubei Province to address the region's overburdened healthcare system.

We also show up in temporary hospitals, which house as many as 30,000 beds, as well as in isolation wards, with over 73,000 beds.

All of this commotion means that we are in high demand, and at times there weren't enough of us to go around.

Chinese companies like Foxconn and Sinopec have helped address shortages, converting part of their production lines to make more of us.

We now have a sense of optimism, as the number of new confirmed cases has drastically fallen and more and more people are recovering.

But as the rate of newly infected patients in the rest of the world is surging, we must remain vigilant and continue to help others in need. China, for its part, has donated us, along with other medical supplies, to affected countries including Iran and South Korea.

Look, this is a scary time. No country is immune from the virus – that is why we should not only join hands to tackle this very global public health challenge together, but also do away with prejudice and fear.

Animation director: Kong Qinjing

Script writer: Wang Xiaonan

Copy editor: John Goodrich

Art designer: Zhang Jiajia

Animation consultants: Wu Haixia, Li Tianfu

Voiceover: Zeng Ziyi

Executive Producer: Hu Dacheng

Supervisor: Zhang Shilei