China's ZTE opposes US ban as global supply chain suspended



The US tech ban on ZTE preventing it from buying technology from American companies for allegedly violating US sanctions against the DPRK and Iran has damaged the global supply chain which no country can be completely independent of, China’s ZTE said at a press conference on Friday.

ZTE chairman Yin Yimin made the remarks when answering a question from a CGTN reporter.

Our crucial components are based on self-developed chips, but a lot of universal components depend on purchases from other countries, Yin said, adding that the company needs to further enhance its ability to meet these challenges.

Yin reiterated that ZTE strongly opposed the US decision to deny the company export privileges that will effectively put the Chinese telecom equipment maker in a “state of shock”, causing direct damage to staff, subscribers, consumers and shareholders.

On Friday morning, ZTE made a statement expressing that the latest US ban is unacceptable, calling the decision "extremely unfair".