Total number of displaced people in Iraq's Mosul exceeds 200,000 mark

Xinhua News Agency


As of Sunday, a total of 206,520 individuals have been forced into displacement as a result of the ongoing Mosul operations which began on Oct.17, 2016, a tracking system developed by the International Organization for Migrants (IOM) showed.

According to the latest figure showed by IOM's Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) system, these individuals being displaced were from 34,420 families.

DTM is a IOM information management system designed to track and monitor population displacement during crises.

Earlier on Friday, a UN official warned that a significant increase in displacement had been noticed in recent days. The total number of displaced people from Mosul on Friday was 191,000.

The latest UN figure, released on Friday, showed that there were over 100,000 children displaced from Mosul since the beginning of the operations to take the city, among which some 15,000 children had left west Mosul over the previous week.

According to UN estimates, as many as 250,000 people could be forced to flee their homes because of intense clashes in the western parts of the city, where an estimated 750,000 people are trapped.