Colin Firth becomes Italian citizen after Brexit vote



Film star Colin Firth has taken Italian citizenship in the wake of the Brexit vote, it has been revealed.

The 57-year-old actor, famous for his roles in movies such as Pride and Prejudice, Bridget Jones' Diary and Kingsman, is married to Italian film producer Livia Giuggioli, who is applying for a British passport.

The couple live in the UK with their two sons, and have been married since 1997.

It has previously been reported that Firth had applied to become Italian following the result of last year's EU referendum.

Firth is currently starring in the second Kingsman movie

The news was revealed in a statement by the interior ministry, which described Firth as a "very famous actor, who won an Oscar for the film the King's Speech, is married to a citizen from our country and has often declared his love for our land".

Unlike other EU countries, Italy allows dual nationality so Firth can keep his UK passport.

The Academy Award, Golden Globe and BAFTA-winner has vowed to remain "extremely British", but said the move seemed "sensible" in the current political climate.

He said in a statement: "My wife and I are both extremely proud of our own countries. We feel that we've made a gift of that to each other.

"Our children have been dual citizens since the beginning. We never really thought much about our different passports. But now, with some of the uncertainty around, we thought it sensible that we should all get the same."

He continued: "I will always be extremely British (you only have to look at or listen to me).

"Britain is our home and we love it here.

"Despite the enticements of my profession to relocate to more remunerative climes I've always chosen to base my career out of the UK and pay my taxes here. That hasn't changed."

Firth added: "I married into Italy (and anyone will tell you when you marry an Italian you don't just marry one person; you marry a family and perhaps an entire country...).

"Like almost everybody I have a passionate love of Italy and joining my wife and kids in being dual citizens will be a huge privilege."

A number of member states, including France, Germany and Ireland, have reported an increase in Britons seeking a new nationality following the UK's decision to leave the bloc.

The announcement of Firth becoming an Italian national comes the day after Prime Minister Theresa May addressed leaders in Florence on the terms of the UK exiting the EU.