Algeria cracks down on illegal migration networks



Algerian Interior Minister Noureddine Bedoui said Thursday that the country's security services have taken steps to crack down on illegal migration networks.

Bedoui said at a plenary session of Algeria's National People's Congress that most illegal migrants traveling through Algeria to other countries are foreigners who merely take the country as a transfer station.

He also said illegal migration groups are behind this phenomenon and that the security services have dismantled many of them and brought the criminals to justice.

"The government is sparing no effort to combat and prevent this phenomenon," the minister said, adding that emergency mechanisms have been put in place, which integrates related sectors and services to prevent young people from risking their lives and embarking on an adventure with disastrous consequences.

He added that the security and administrative measures include intensifying security investigations and periodic monitoring of stores selling equipment used to manufacture boats.

Bedoui also said the authorities have taken a series of supportive measures for citizens, including improving social welfare in various aspects like employment and housing.

He said these moves have generated "very positive results" in the fight against illegal migration and resulted in "a significant decline in attempts of illegal migration."

He strongly denounced the criminal migration networks which exploit the migrants and threaten the country's security and stability.