Xi Jinping calls for advancing infrastructure construction



Chinese President Xi Jinping, also head of the Central Committee for Financial and Economic Affairs (CCFEA), on Tuesday stressed efforts to comprehensively strengthen infrastructure construction and build a modern network of infrastructure so as to lay a solid foundation for fully building a modern socialist country.

President Xi made the remarks at the 11th meeting of the CCFEA.

Noting infrastructure is an important support for economic and social development, Xi called for balancing both development and security as well as optimizing the layout, structure, function and development mode of infrastructure.

Work of several central government departments were reported at the meeting.

The meeting said since the 18th Communist Party of China (CPC) National Congress, China has achieved a number of world-leading achievements in building major scientific and technological facilities, water conservancy projects, transportation hubs, information infrastructure and national strategic reserves, reaching great progress.

However, it also said China's infrastructure development still does not meet national development and security needs.

Comprehensively strengthening infrastructure development is of great significance to safeguard national security, smoothen the domestic economic circle, promote "dual circulation," expand domestic demand, and push forward high-quality development, the meeting said.

At present and for some time to come, China should stick to the people-centered philosophy of development, the meeting said, urging efforts to mobilize the whole society to build modern network of infrastructure.

The meeting pointed out that the country should strengthen the construction of network infrastructure such as transportation, energy and water conservancy.

Officials also agreed on speeding up construction of a comprehensive national transport network, including ports and inland waterways.

Efforts should also be made to strengthen the national security infrastructure, the meeting noted, calling for accelerating the ability to respond to extreme situations.

To guarantee infrastructure construction, the meeting stressed coordinating resources utilization, ensuring capital requirements on major national infrastructure projects, adhering to innovation-driven strategy and cultivating large scale scientific and technological talent teams.

The meeting also called for ensuring both development and security, firming up the bottom line thinking and effectively strengthening the major risk forecasting and early warning ability with practical and effective response plans and specific practical initiatives.

It also stressed the necessity of guiding market expectations, making clear policy guidance and principles, and stabilizing market confidence.