Putin announces partial military mobilization in national address



Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesdayannounced a partial military mobilization aimed at "protecting Russia's sovereignty and integrity."

In his first national address since authorizing the "special military operation" in Ukraine in February, Putin restated that the "liberation" of the entire territory of Donbas remains the unchanging goal, according to TASS news agency.

He accused the West of trying to "weaken, divide and destroy" Russia. "The West wants Russia to break up into many warring regions," he said.

Putin called on the Russian government to "immediately" solve the problem of financial support for the defense industry to "increase the production of weapons."

The Kremlin published a decree on the partial mobilization.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Putin's decree would see 300,000 additional personnel called up to serve in Russia's military campaign in Ukraine.

In an interview with Russian state television, Shoigu said that students and those who served as conscripts would not be called up and that the majority of Russia's millions-strong reserves would not be drafted.