Top 10 female Chinese entrepreneurs in tech



Men have long played a dominate role in the technological sector, especially in the age of information technology (IT), but that is changing in Data Technology (DT) era.

More female entrepreneurs are starting businesses in cloud computing, artificial intelligence and virtual reality (VR). The top 10 female entrepreneurial cases have been released by Ali Research Institute, China Entrep Mulan Club and Alibaba Innovation Center. About 145 female entrepreneurs in tech have been evaluated and comprehensive assessments are made based on innovation and social value.

Now, let's take a look at who topped the ranking.

Ji Jingshu

Company name: EventBank

Uses Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to improve efficiency of traditional marketing.

Business model: B to B

Advantage: Internationalization ability

Philosophy: Internationalization is not superficial but in your blood.

Lu Mingxia

Company name: CareerFrog

Helps university graduates find a job

Service model: B to C

Advantage: 100 percent online real time guidance and one-stop job seeking service

Philosophy: Education is the future.

Zhu Yueyi

Company name: Reflower

Online flower booking and delivering company

Service model: B to C

Advantage: Rational analysis of the market and customers

Philosophy: Spreading happiness by sending flower and enjoying beauty of life

Zhou Zishan

Company name: Yixixin

Intelligent environmental-friendly laundry

Service model: B to C

Advantage: Zero emissions, pollution, residue and damage

Philosophy: Bring customers a beautiful new world by providing smart and efficient service.

Han Mengcen

Company name: Catmore Technology

Intelligent overall home decoration company

Service model: Online to offline

Advantage: Smart decoration connects internet of things

Philosophy: Use modern thoughts to lead people's lifestyle and make home sweetest harbor

Li Xiaoxia

Company name: Beijing Koboro Health Science and Technology

Uses a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide medical service

Service model: Internet+ health management model

Advantage: Precise overall health management including prevention and prognosis

Philosophy: "To cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always." - Edward Trudeau

Zhang Mo

Company name: Yi+

Computer vision engine service provider

Business model:B to B

Advantage: Extensive experience in deep learning area of artificial intelligence technology

Philosophy: Use artificial intelligence technology to change people's purchasing experience

Li Li

Company name: Gongsibao

One-stop service for enterprises from registration to patent applications

Business model: Online to offline

Advantage: Responsibility

Philosophy: Women who choose to be an entrepreneur must be strong and learn to balance.

Han Fang

Company name: 51Financial Talent Search

A comprehensive platform using advanced technology to help financial talents seeking jobs

Business model:B to B

Advantage: Uses "cloud recruitment" system to match talent and position precisely

Philosophy: Pursuing efficiency to maximize benefits

Qi Yan

Company name: Daling

An app focusing on high quality products of famous brands globally

Business model: B to C

Advantage: Celebrity effect

Philosophy: New ideas for financing are available.