Turpan in September



By APD writer Yang Siyao

Turpan, located in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is known

for its high temperatures in summer, various kinds of fruits and numerous historical and cultural sites. The famous tourist attractions of Turpan include the Grape valley, the Flaming Mountains, the Ruins of the ancient City of Jiaohe and the karez underground water system.

1.Grape valley

Grape valley

Grape valley lies in northeast Turpan City. The valley grows grapes and is eight kilometers long and two kilometers wide. The long sunshine hours and huge temperature differences during day and night allow the valley to produce high-quality grapes. The seedless white grape and the mares nipple grape, manaizi are two famous varieties of grapes in Turpan.

2. The Flaming Mountains

The Flaming Mountains are eroded red-stone hills in the east of Turpan City.

Covering an area of about 100 kilometers long and nine kilometers wide, the mountains are barren and and extremely hot during summer times.

The monk Xuanzang and Monkey King

What’s more, the Flaming Mountains enjoy a worldwide reputation thanks to the

Chinese classical novel Journey to the West. According to the book, the monk

Xuanzang went through the Flaming Mountains accompanied by Monkey King.

3.The Ruins of the ancient City of Jiaohe

The Ruins of the ancient City of Jiaohe, located in the west of Turpan City, is a very well-preserved soil construction. The head office of Anxi Protectorate, the highest military authority in Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), was first established in Jiaohe .

4. Karez System

The karez system is an irrigation system made up of vertically dug wells linked by

underground canals, which can collect water that flows down the Tianshan Mountain in spring and summer time. The canals are mostly underground to reduce water evaporation, making the karez system possible to provide a reliable supply of

drinking and irrigation water in arid regions.

There are dozens of outdoor restaurants next to the Grand Bazaar. Those restaurants

offer a wide variety of local specialties. Tourists can enjoy the roasted mutton, crispy nang bread and pilaf.

September is the season of harvest in Turpan and the best time to travel here. Tourists can enjoy all kinds of fruits and yummy kebabs in a bracing night breeze.

(Asia Pacific Daily)