S. Korea's job growth hits 11-month high


Employment in South Korea grew the most in 11 months as the government's efforts to create jobs, especially among the elderly, became effective and seasonal factors boosted job creation in the agricultural sector, a government report showed Wednesday.

The total number of people employed increased 432,000 from a year earlier to 25.291 million in August, the highest monthly gain in 11 months, according to the Statistics Korea. The seasonally adjusted figure climbed 105,000 last month, up from a 69,000 rise in the prior month.

"The government's employment-boosting project became effective. Most employment projects, including creating jobs among the elderly, started from July," the Ministry of Strategy and Finance said in a separate report.

The ministry noted that high temperature and low rainfall boosted employment in the agricultural industry, saying that lodging, restaurants and transport sectors employed more workers due to seasonal factors.

The manufacturing industry created 5,000 jobs in August. The reading kept its upward trend for the 14th straight month, but it was sharply down from a 53,000 growth in the prior month.

The service sector employed 385,000 workers last month due to seasonal factors, and the agricultural industry added 28,000 laborers. Job creation in the construction sector declined 7,000.