If you want to arrive on time, take these airlines



Keeping a strict schedule and traveling by air is a tricky combination. Delays abound—there’s airport congestion, inclement weather, mechanical problems, labor shortages, or the rare


. But certain airlines do stick more closely to their schedules than others.

Finnair topped the list of most punctual carriers in 2016 with an 89% on-time arrival rate, according a FlightStats, part of London-based aviation analysis firm FlightGlobal. Only one American airline, Alaska, made the top 10.

Israeli carrier El-Al had the lowest ranking of the 122 carriers, with flights arriving punctually 44% of the time. The analysis was based on information from regional and national aviation authorities as well as the airlines themselves.

FlightStats top airlines for on-time arrivals in 2016

Of course, on-time in the aviation world follows a standard that wouldn’t fly for a job interview or a first date (or a fifth). A flight is considered to have arrived on time if it reaches the gate within 15 minutes of its scheduled time. The statistics do not account for

block time

, the amount of time an airline itself designates for a flight. If long enough, then stats for on-time arrivals are easier to achieve.

“If the airline schedules the flight too aggressively, the flight will more often fail to meet its schedule,” FlightGlobal says.