Gyms in north China put workouts online amid epidemic



Several gyms in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region have put their routines online as they attempted to hold on to their clients who avoided public places due to the epidemic.

"We would not like our clients to forget us," said Wang Xiaoxing, director of a branch of Do Fitness Club in Hohhot, capital of Inner Mongolia.

He said the club launched online classes half a month ago to protect all the existing customers.

Yao Jie, an office worker in Baotou, paid for 18 private teaching classes in a gym in January and she was forced to pause training because of the epidemic.

Yao's coach suggested teaching her online through WeChat video and she agreed.

"Before class, my coach sent me some items that need to be practiced," she said. "During the class, he demonstrated to me through WeChat first, and then I did it under his guidance," she added.

Yao has taken three online classes so far and felt good.

However, some sports fans considered online learning could barely meet their needs.

Lin Hai, an exerciser at a gym in Ordos, said he was mainly doing heart and lung trainings as well as strength exercises nowadays with the help of his coach's livestreaming routines.

"I lacked professional equipment training and exercising offline is better for me," he added.