High fashion meets high tech at Deng Zhaoping's runway show



Top Chinese designer Deng Zhaoping showcased her fall/winter 2018 collection on Day 4 of the China Fashion Week. The collection featured a high-tech material called polyimide.

The material is a type of synthetic fabric that contains sweat-wicking and water-repelling properties, which makes it an ideal material for outerwear and heat-protective clothing.

From jackets and coats, to dresses and accessories, the high-tech fabric can be seen on every model who took a turn on the catwalk.

Deng is known for using high-tech materials, and says that technology now plays an important role in the fashion industry.

"Technology helps foster innovation in the fashion industry. As a heat-resistant material, polyimide fibers can replace other environmentally unfriendly materials such as fur. So I've been working on this material for over four years, and I'm very happy that it turned out great for my fall/winter collection," the designer said.

The Guangzhou-based designer also took advantage of the original color of the fabrics.

The collection sets bright yellow and grey as the main tone, and integrates grass green, burgundy red, and black, giving the fall/winter outfit a warm feel.

Deng is one of China's top designers. She has established her own design studio in Guangzhou, south China, and owns several famous women's clothing brands.