Chinese authority stresses epidemic prevention at farm-produce markets



Officials from China's State Council have urged local authorities in Wuhan, once hardest hit by the COVID-19 epidemic, to highlight epidemic prevention at farm-produce markets amid ongoing epidemic-control efforts.

During an inspection trip to a marketplace in the capital city of Hubei Province on Monday, the liaison group of the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism against COVID-19 said there should not be a shred of blind optimism or relaxation, despite the fact that Hubei has lowered its COVID-19 emergency-response level.

The liaison group ordered the disinfection of farm-produce markets and dining places, and the sterilization in the logistics chain. It also called for efforts to locate and plug loopholes, if any exist, in epidemic-prevention measures, paying extra attention to key areas of epidemic prevention.

A standard protocol for epidemic response should be put in place that is clear, practicable and appraisable, said the liaison group, calling on governments, industry regulators, units and individuals to play their respective roles in guarding against epidemic outbreaks.

It also underscored the faithful implementation of epidemic prevention-and-control measures.