Nepalese PM says gov't not in crisis, stresses on reconstruction

Xinhua News Agency


Nepalese Prime Minister Sharma Oli said on Wednesday that his government was not in crisis.

Addressing a brief meeting with foreign diplomats, Oli said there should not be any confusion regarding stability of the government.

"In democracy, all the governments are periodic and temporary. All the governments have to face elections periodically. Rumor of current government being in crisis is not true," he said.

The remarks came a week after the Unified CPN Maoist and the Nepali Congress attempted to topple the CPN UML-led government, citing its failure to work toward its commitments.

Stressing on the need of political stability and peace, Oli said his government is committed to the implementation of a new constitution promulgated in September and economic development.

"Since last 15 years, there are no elected representatives in local bodies so we will hold the interim election of local bodies by the end of this year," the premier said, adding that the problems with agitating Madhes-based parties will be resolved through dialogue.

The ethnic Madhes people in the southern plains had launched a six-month blockade in Ausust last year for better representation in the parliament and administrative division envisaged in the new constitution.

Mentioning that reconstruction following last year's devastating earthquake is not an easy task, Oli who was elected six months after the disaster said the government will put its full effort to bring the quake victims under roof at the earliest.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kamal Thapa also echoed Oli's promise on implementation of the new constitution and speedy reconstruction.

"To judge by any fair standard, our constitution encompasses the main features of a democratic and inclusive polity. We have made it clear that based on experience gained through its implementation, improvement can be made in constitution," Thapa told the foreign diplomats.

Stating that the government will focus on reconstruction with commitment and determination, he urged the international community who had earlier pledged 4.1 billion U.S. dollars for Nepal's reconstruction to continue their support.