Beijing's Xinfadi market suspends sale of frozen, aquatic products



Fully loaded trucks are seen entering Xinfadi wholesale market in Beijing, China, August 15, 2020. /CFP

The Xinfadi wholesale market in Beijing, which was previously hit by COVID-19, has suspended the storage and sale of aquatic and frozen products, the market said on Wednesday.

The move follows reports of COVID-19 infections related to imported frozen products in multiple Chinese provinces and municipalities in recent months.

All aquatic and frozen products have been removed from the market's refrigerated warehouses, which, after thorough disinfections, have had their electricity supply cut off, according to the market.

The measures will not affect Xinfadi's fresh pork trade, and market authorities have registered and conducted checks on all the warehouses and cold-storage facilities for fruits and vegetables.

Xinfadi market is Beijing's largest vegetable wholesale market. It was temporarily shut down due to a resurgence of the COVID-19 epidemic in June. The vegetable wholesale area reopened on September 6, marking the full resumption of business at the market after the closure.

The market provided the Chinese capital about 70 percent of vegetables it needs, 10 percent of pork and 3 percent of beef and mutton before being shut down on June 13.

(With input from Xinhua)