South Africa launches center to teach traditional Chinese medicine




South Africa's University of Johannesburg (UJ) on Monday launched the Acupuncture Center and Museum in collaboration with Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Acupuncture Center and Museum was first conceptualized a few years ago, with renovations and design commencing in 2019.

The UJ Dean of Faculty of Health Science Sehaam Khan welcomed the opening of the center, saying the center would provide access to the Chinese traditional medicine, serve as a resource to students and the general public.

"Last year we began offering the Bachelor of Complementary Medicine, which is a four-year qualification. As part of this revised curriculum, acupuncture and phytotherapy was included to introduce our students to a broader range of holistic and traditional medicines. This year, we also started offering a Postgraduate Diploma in Acupuncture and one in Phytotherapy," she said.

Speaking during the launch, the UJ Head of the Division for Internationalization Ylva Rodny-Gumede said the Acupuncture Centre and Museum will improve the wellbeing of South Africans.

"This will provide the best treatment for the community we serve. It will improve the mental well-being of the people. The World Health Organization has said Acupuncture is important for complementary treatment of various diseases," said Gumede.

Gumede said the memorandum of understanding between UJ and Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is being prepared and would be signed soon to strengthen the collaboration.

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency