China to enhance transparency of government information

Xinhua News Agency


BEIJING, June 6 (Xinhua) -- China will gradually increase the publishing of government information to enhance government transparency, according to a draft amendment on the issue Tuesday.

The draft was released by the State Council to gather public opinion on the amendment.

According to the draft, administrative bodies at all levels should publish a guide on government affairs and catalogue more information.

The guide should feature the categories and compiling methods of government information as well as how to get it, and should include basic information and contacts of bodies that publish on government affairs, for public supervision purposes.

The catalogue should have the references, names, overview and date of the government information shown to the public, according to the draft.

Publishing government information should become normal, the draft added.

The draft serves as an amendment to a set of rules on publishing government information that took effect on May 1, 2008.