APD | Here comes the news! the United States did it



Recently, senior US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh released an investigation report, revealing that the explosion of the Nord Stream underwater natural gas pipeline in 2022 was planned and implemented by the US government, which caused great public repercussions for a while.

According to Hersh’ s revelations, it was authorized by U.S. President Joe Biden and jointly implemented by the CIA and the Navy. Under the cover of a joint military exercise underway at the time, senior demolition experts from the U.S. Navy deployed explosives in the area of the incident aboard Norwegian Navy ships. Subsequently, the Norwegian military’ s anti-submarine aircraft dropped signal buoys and detonated the explosives remotely.

In addition, Hersh also said that the underwater demolition experts of the US Navy who carried out this mission are affiliated with a professional underwater blasting operation team, which is specially responsible for carrying out secret blasting missions around the world, and its targets are mostly offshore oil platforms, canals and other targets. The team is also a powerful weapon for the United States to directly intervene in other countries.


After the news was reported, the White House, the CIA and the Pentagon, including Norway and other Western countries in the region have denied the authenticity of this revelation. Russia demanded that the international community conduct a further thorough investigation of the Nord Stream pipeline blasting incident, and should seriously hold those responsible accountable. Russian presidential press secretary Peskov said Western countries are trying to quietly conclude the investigation into the Nord Stream pipeline explosion. He said that Hersh’ s article about Nord Stream was not widely disseminated in Western countries, which surprised the Russia, and that similar incidents could be repeated if the destruction of Nord Stream was not investigated. Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to the Hersh investigation that this is unacceptable behavior and must be held accountable. The United State should give a responsible explanation to the world. The Nord Stream natural gas pipeline is the main direct pipeline system of Russian natural gas to Europe. At the time of the incident, the Europeans were wrangling over whether to sanction Russia on natural gas and other energy sources, but the explosion of the underwater pipeline directly interrupted this disagreement, and the Europe as a whole had to be wrapped up in sanctions against Russian natural gas, which is also the United States is most willing to see a cluster charge against Russia. The reason why Norway will agree to join forces with the United States for blasting is also because if Russian gas cannot go after Nord Stream, Norwegian natural gas will thus be able to expand exports.

As for Hersh, the senior investigative reporter, he has successively exposed the humanitarian tragedy caused by the US military in Vietnam and the torture of prisoners in Iraq, and is known for his detailed and credible investigations, so the investigation results of this Nord Stream incident have also been widely recognized as a highly credible report by public opinion. Will this revelation trigger any new ripples in the confrontation between Russia and the United States? We will also maintain an ongoing focus.

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