Fire in southern Thailand's Phiphi island engulfs 25 houses, injuring 9



By APD writer Chen Jiabao

BANGKOK, Feb.7 (APD) - A fire broke out in southern Thailand's famous tourism destination Phi Phi island, injuring nine including six foreign tourists, local media reported on Wednesday.

The fire flared up at about 9:30 p.m. local time on Monday in the kitchen of a hotel on the island and quickly engulfed 25 shops and restaurants, according to local reports.

It took recusers three hours to put the blaze under control, which has wounded nine including three Thais and six foreign visitors. More than 100 tourists have been evacuated, initial reports said.

Tourists and local residents jointly helped use water to put out the fire, with some of them suffering from burns and smoke inhalation.

The governor of Krabi province visited the island later, saying the island lacks fire extinguishing system and authorities are watching out to prevent the fire from rekindle as well as considering to ways to cope with fires.

Initial reports showed that the fire was caused by a bursting cooking gas tank in a small hotel. Officials said the case is still under investigation.