Hamas says Israel's separation wall with Gaza "will not bring security"

Xinhua News Agency


GAZA, Sept. 7 (Xinhua) -- Islamic Hamas movement said Thursday that Israel's acceleration of the construction of a barrier on the borders with the Gaza Strip "will not bring Israel security."

Hamas Spokesman Abdullatif al-Qanoua told Xinhua that "Israel's accelerating construction of a separation wall on the Gaza Strip borders (with Israel) only aims at tightening the blockade and strangling the population of the Gaza Strip."

"Tunnels are one of the resistance's weapons in defending the Palestinian people, and resistance is a guaranteed right under all international laws," said al-Qanoua.

He added that "the occupation will not enjoy security and stability as long as it continues its aggression, siege, and deny the Palestinian rights to freedom and independence."

In the same context, Izz el-Deen al-Qassam brigades, the military wing of Hamas movement reduced the importance of building the wall around the Gaza Strip, saying that "resistance will find appropriate solutions."

"For several years, we tried solutions and many experiments and techniques, but the result is zero against the tunnels that are used for armed resistance," said the group in an emailed communiqué.

It went on saying that "the occupation (Israel) continues to thrive behind illusion until the arrival of a radical solution to eliminate the phenomenon that has long been plagued by a wall with electronic devices planted in the depths of the earth and above."

The group added "the aim is to reduce the infiltration of tunnels into the occupied home."

Al-Qassam announced that "all attempts to eliminate tunnels failed, since the beginning of Al-Aqsa Intifada in 2000 to this day and the occupation is still searching for a solution to eliminate the phenomenon of tunnels, which is no solution to end its existence, but the defeat of the occupier of Palestine."

General Eyal Zamir, commander of Israel's southern military zone, announced last month that the army would speed up the construction of the separation wall with the Gaza Strip for two years to prevent the infiltration of armed groups from the territory through tunnels to its territory.

Zamir stressed that the wall would be dug in Israeli territory in parallel to the security fence with the Gaza Strip, warning Hamas that "if it chooses to go to war because of the wall, that will be enough for Israel to go to war."

The Israeli army radio said the wall, built mainly of cement plates and pick-ups, would extend along the 64-kilometer border.

Israel focused its last military offensive on the Gaza Strip in July and August of the summer of 2014 on the destruction of tunnels from Hamas territory to Israel.