Chinese community responds to ABC's apology




U.S. broadcaster the American Broadcasting Company has apologized for a talk show segment which was widely considered racist by the Chinese community.

And the Chinese community in Los Angeles hosted a press conference on Tuesday, in response to ABC's apology. It claimed its protest on Nov.9 was a success and it accepted the apology.


The trouble stemmed from an episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" which aired on October 16.

A child on the show suggested the United States should, quote, "kill everyone in China", as a way for the US to avoid paying its debts to China.

On November 9th, Chinese communities protested in 28 cities in America and asked ABC to acknowledge the mistake and offer an official apology.

Later, ABC posted a statement on its official website apologizing for the incident.

The statement also said the "Kids table" segment will be canceled and Jimmy Kimmel will apologize again in person. It said the broadcaster would take steps to make sure a similar incident was not repeated.

Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the show, later apologized for what happened during the show, but insisted that he didn't agree with the child's statement.

The Chinese community in Los Angeles said the apology showed its protest had been a success.

SOUNDBITE: WANG TIAN, Protest Organizer:

"Personally I think if it is a test, ABC gets a score of 70, which is a pass, a C. But I have to mention one thing that in that apology letter, they blame everything on the systems. As far as I know, the script of Jimmy Kimmel live is written by his wife and he is the one to make final decisions. So the Kimmel couple is the system. As for whether ABC is going to fire Jimmy or suspend him, we should give them more time, considering the White House is carrying out its own investigation."

SOUNDBITE: LU QIANG, Chairman, Los Angeles Roundtable of Chinese-American Organizations:

"We have read the letter very carefully. We are not 100% satisfied with it but we accept it. Although we disagree with certain things ABC said about timings, we can allow for that so long as the broadcaster has truly acknowledged they were wrong and apologized for that. Jimmy Kimmel has apologized too. From this aspect, on behalf of the Chinese community, we accept their apology."

Meanwhile, Wang stated that although the protest was over and ABC has made an apology, the fight against racism will continue.

SOUNDBITE: WANG TIAN, Protest Organizer:

"No matter what, I believe our Nov.9 protest put a lot of pressure on ABC, which made them post the apology letter on their website, basically following our request. I think it is a big success for the protest. But this is not the final success. There will never be an end to safeguarding human rights."