US ban 'unfair', 'unacceptable': China's telecom giant ZTE statement



China's ZTE Corp on Friday said it won't accept the US tech ban, which is “unfair to the company.”

“Refusal orders will not only seriously endanger the survival of ZTE, but also hurt the interests of all ZTE’s partners including a large number of US companies," it said in a statement.

“It is extremely unfair to ZTE and we cannot accept it!”

ZTE's announcement came days after a US order banning American companies from selling it parts, which could undermine its ability to manufacture equipment.

"The action targets China, however, it will ultimately undermine the United States itself," China's Ministry of Commerce spokesperson Gao Feng said on Thursday. “The United States will lose tens of thousands of job opportunities, while hundreds of related US enterprises will also be affected.”

Based in Shenzhen, ZTE is a leading global provider of telecom equipment, networking solutions and one of the world's fastest-growing smartphone manufacturers. American companies provide an estimated 25 to 30 percent of the components used in ZTE’s equipment.