APD | Pakistan Thanked China for Evacuating Its Citizens from Sudan



By APD writer Hannah

According to the report from South China Morning Post, more than 200 Pakistani nationals and six Brazilian citizens were evacuated from Sudan Port in Sudan to Jeddah Port in Saudi Arabia aboard a Chinese Navy ship, along with 272 Chinese nationals. The two ports straddle the Red Sea, and the distance between them is about 170 nautical miles.

With China is doing its best to evacuate citizens of friendly countries from Sudan, Pakistan's Consul General in Jeddah thanked China for its kindness. "We thank the Chinese Navy for helping Pakistan evacuate more than 200 Pakistani personnel from Sudan Port and evacuate them safely to Jeddah Port. All the Pakistani citizens brought here are well taken care of. All evacuees would like to thank and praise the Chinese Navy, the Chinese people and the Chinese government."

Sudan's Ministry of Health said that at least 528 people have been killed and 4599 injured in armed conflict in Sudan, including civilians and armed personnel, and tens of thousands of people have fled their homes. Basic necessities such as water, food and fuel have become scarce in Khartoum and elsewhere.

In this second and final round of mass evacuations by the Chinese Navy, a total of 940 Chinese arrived at the Jeddah Port escorted by the guided-missile Nanning Destroyer, according to China's defence ministry. The Sudan Evacuation, the third such mission by the Chinese Navy after the evacuation mission from Libya in 2011 and Yemen in 2015, is another demonstration of China's determination and ability to protect its citizens overseas. At the same time, a growing number of countries are seeking China's help to help evacuate their citizens.

When meeting with Liu Jinsong, Director General of the Department of Asian Affairs of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistani Ambassador to China Moin ul Haque expressed heartfelt thanks on behalf of the Pakistani government for China's assistance to Pakistani nationals in Sudan. Moin ul Haque said that with the assistance of the Chinese side, more than 200 Pakistani nationals in Sudan were safely evacuated by Chinese vehicles and warships. The Pakistani people are very proud of this, waving the national flags of Pakistan and China and shouting "Long live the Pakistan-China friendship". The Pakistani government and people from all walks of life are very moved and grateful.

Liu Jinsong said that while ensuring the safe evacuation of its citizens, the Chinese side did its best to help Pakistan and other friendly countries evacuate their nationals in Sudan, reproducing the "iron" friendship between China and Pakistan.