APD | Only when “Pearl of the Orient” decorated on crown of motherland, can it be dazzling



By Dr.Tharakorn Wusatirakul

(The author is deputy director of the Thailand-China Belt and Road Research Center)

The 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland coincides with the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Without late Chairman Mao Zedong, there would be no new China. Without the Communist Party of China (CPC), there would be no modern China. Without Hong Kong’s return, there would be no stability in the city. Under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee with President Xi Jinping at its core, China is going prosperous. It has become the world’s second largest economy and its economic progress is acknowledged by all. Hong Kong, the “Pearl of the Orient”, is the country's important gateway to the outside world. Only when the pearl is inlaid on the crown of the motherland and its great cause of the national rejuvenation, can it be dazzling and shining. After its return, Hong Kong becomes more prosperous, safe and stable, and has huge development potential. The construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is the best explanation. The rejuvenation and prosperity of the Chinese nation is inseparable from CPC’s leadership and the motherland always a strong backing for Hong Kong's economic development and social governance.

Achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the greatest dream of the Chinese nation since modern times, and it is the common aspiration of all Chinese people. Hong Kong, with a strong sense of national self-esteem and pride, will contribute to the great cause. Under the principle of "Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong", the National Security Law is a major turning point in the region’s transition from chaos to order, which has promoted reforms of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, judiciary, education, media, and civil servant management. Many livelihood programs have been launched that help improve Hong Kong’s economy and people's life, as well as bring great opportunities for the construction of the Greater Bay Area and other national strategies. Hong Kong will have a very promising prospect in the process of integrating into the overall national development and building an international technology and innovation center, shipping center, and financial center. It also strengthens the publicity of the National Security Law, enhances the patriotic spirit of Hong Kong people, promotes their national identity and focuses on school education and youths. Hong Kong plays an irreplaceable role in the country’s reform and opening up in the new era as it enjoys a special status and has unique advantages.

Hong Kong fully understands and accurately grasps its position in the country's reform and opening up in the new era, and continues to integrate into the overall national development with its sincere patriotism, which will surely achieve better development. The powerful energy accumulated by the Chinese people and the Chinese nation has fully erupted, and China is advancing with unstoppable momentum toward rejuvenation. No force can stop the Chinese people and nation from marching forward. Hong Kong people will share the responsibility for national rejuvenation and the great glory of the motherland with their compatriots, and contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The Chinese nation will stand among the nations of the world again, achieve great rejuvenation, and contribute to the progress of human civilization. This is not a macro strategy of diplomatic games or military contests, but a benign and equal relations, which will play a positive role for the global security and stability. The Chinese culture is diversified and inclusive, and the "Chinese dream" is a dream facing the world. It needs joint efforts to fulfill the Chinese dream. It has become a reality that China is a major country in the world arena.

Chinese President Xi Jinping ever said that "The realization of the Chinese dream will bring world peace, not turmoil; opportunities, not threats." The stronger China is, the greater the force of maintaining world peace will be. China's development has not only changed the logic of hegemonic expansion of great powers in the past, but also the old cycle of seeking hegemony after the rise of a great power. Rising in a civilized manner will be the priority of the future world.

Hong Kong is part of China and has a global vision, which are its dual advantages. At the same time, Hong Kong's status as a financial center will also be further strengthened: It is not only an international financial center, but also the world's largest offshore RMB business hub, which provides a full range of global services in areas such as banking, accounting, investment and financing, wealth management and RMB services.

Hong Kong can not only look back on its achievements of the past 25 years with pride, but also look forward to the future with confidence. It coincides with the main idea of “Heading Forward”, the theme song celebrating the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return, which encourages Hong Kong people to seize opportunities and work together for the city’s long-term prosperity and stability.