Wedding photo captures 3 couples totaling 77 years of marriage



A pair of newlyweds who got married after knowing each other for more than a decade wanted to capture just how close their families have become in a heartwarming photo that shows how resilient marriage can be.

In the photo, getting tons of attention online, newlyweds Kalin and Matt Haley are featured with each of their parents -- Stephanie and Rick Bilides, who've been married for 30 years and Lisa and Bob Haley, who've been married for 47 years.

"We're a close-knit group. We've known each other for probably 13 or 15 years," bride Kalin Haley, 28, told ABC News.

"We've known each other since middle school and started dating in high school, junior year," groom Matt Haley, also 28, added, noting that after taking a small break, the couple have been together since 2012.

Matt and Kalin Haley exchanged vows on Oct. 7, 2017 in Essex Park in Connecticut.

It was important to the couple that they be photographed with their parents, who've taught them a lot about marriage. In fact, Matt Haley's father, Bob, 67, married them at their Oct. 7 nuptials in front of more than 140 guests inside Essex Park in Connecticut.

"His famous quote was 'Love is action verb meaning that you have to give of yourself in order for somebody else to love you,'" Matt Haley recalled, regarding what he learned from his father about marriage.

Newlyweds Matt and Kalin Haley exchanged vows on Oct. 7, 2017 in Essex Park in Connecticut.

Kalin Haley added that her parents taught her that marriage "takes patience. It takes respect. It takes communication."

The couple, who live outside of New Haven, Connecticut, are now looking forward to buying a home and getting a dog.

"I’m really looking forward to just getting to grow with somebody that I’ve known for so long already," Matt Haley added.