China: A week in photos (Dec. 14-Dec. 20)



A flag-raising ceremony marking the 21st anniversary of Macao's return to China was held on Sunday morning at the city's Golden Lotus Square. More than 500 people, including SAR and central government officials, community representatives, locals and tourists, witnessed the event, December 20,2020. /CFP

In the Panda House in Tianjin, east China, giant pandas "Xiaochuan" and "Xiaoqiao" rolled in the snow. The venue was blanketed in snow, creating a beautiful world of ice. /CFP

On the evening of December 17, China's tai chi was added to UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage list. In the photo, a thousand people perform tai chi movements, creating a spectacular scene. /CFP

Researchers opened the Chang'e-5 capsule, removed the container holding lunar samples and weighed them at the Fifth Institute of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, December 17, 2020. /CFP

A squirrel eats corn near West Lake in Hangzhou, east China, December 16, 2020. With the environment improving around the lake, there are many squirrels in the trees, and they often interact with tourists, forming the "11th scene" of West Lake. /CFP

After the opening of the Yinxi high-speed railway, 17 CR300BF "Fuxing" trains will be put into operation by the Xi'an Railway Bureau, December 15, 2020. /CFP

The annual Autumn Leaf Art Festival is underway in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Students collect fallen leaves and make various sculptures. /CFP