Baby named after mobile game King of Glory



A baby girl named after the popular mobile game Wang Zherongyao, known as King of Glory in English, was registered in Xi'an, capital of Northwest China's Shaanxi province, Chinese Business View reported.

Her father is from Hebei province and her mother from Shaanxi province. After the birth of the baby on Aug 1, they decided to register her in Xi'an.

The girl's father was working for an IT company and was inspired by the game, according to her mother.

Officers at a local police station said the name did not violate name registration regulations, which stipulates that a name should range from two to four Chinese characters.

Opinions vary online with some thinking the parents are interesting while others considering the negative impact it may have on the girl as she grows up.

King of Glory, which was developed by internet giant Tencent, has generated success, controversy and regulator scrutiny in China.