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Pompeo's old tricks against China will fool no sober mind



At a time when the pandemic situation in the United States is getting drastically worse, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo began to play a fresh round of old, clumsy tricks against China. However, his awkward tactics will not fool clear minds worldwide.

After a national security law to safeguard Hong Kong was passed and took effect Tuesday, Pompeo again resorted to words of intimidation by threatening "new countermeasures." Also, the U.S. top diplomat has been stubbornly bent on carrying on smear campaigns against China's sincere support for Africa, as well as its all-out battle to end the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pompeo's platitudes, full of lies and cheats, will do nothing to help Washington cover up its botched response to the raging pandemic at home. Instead, his reckless verbal attacks have made America more isolated from the mainstream of the world.

The persistent critic of China has to recognize that the China-bashing game cannot solve any problem troubling his own country. So far, the spreading virus has infected over 2.6 million people and claimed nearly 130,000 lives in the United States, a tragedy as accused by many largely caused by Washington's arrogance, ignorance and incompetence in response to this plight.

Rather than pointing fingers at China's internal affairs, some U.S. politicians are well advised to turn their attention to their own business, including the chronic and deeply-rooted racial discrimination and the alarming gap between the wealth and the poor, which have been afflicting the U.S. society for a long time.

With his pompous title of the secretary of state of the sole superpower in the world, Pompeo has unscrupulously smeared others with lies, but his erroneous acts will only bring shame to and erode the credibility of his country and ruin Washington's reputation on the international arena, as clear-minded people have already seen through his facade.

When the American chief diplomat attempts to drive a wedge between China and Africa with groundless blames, China, a true development partner to African countries, is in good faith offering concrete support to the continent, which has been highly recognized and respected.

Moreover, faulting China with lame excuses will in no way dampen the world's confidence in China's development.

Despite touts by some Washington politicians to pull out supply chains amid the coronavirus pandemic, a recent report by the Rhodium Group pointed out that over the past 18 months, the research firm has recorded levels of foreign mergers and acquisitions into China "that were not seen in the previous decade."

Also in early June, the World Bank Group said in its latest projections that the global economy is on track to shrink by 5.2 percent this year due to the virus, yet China is expected to be the only major economy that will register growth in 2020.

China has been attracting more partners across the globe as a robust market with a population of over 1.4 billion and a responsible country committed to cooperation and mutual benefits. Choosing China, at this moment, means choosing a future with huge potential.

In a pandemic that is still accelerating in many parts of the world, solidarity and cooperation are the only right choice for the human race to defeat the virus. China-bashers like Pompeo may keep ignoring the alarm and playing their old tricks, but their ill-disposed schemes are doomed to fail.


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