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Oracle bone expert committed to doing something good for Chinese culture

Xinhua News Agency | Fri,2017-04-21 HONG KONG, April 21 (Xinhua) -- Zhou Hongxiang, a famous world expert in oracle bone study, has given a wonderful lecture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong recently.
Dressed in a slim suit, he pointed to an old map and told the audience that it was drawn by him in 1965.
In that year, he started a global search for the oracle bone scripts from Canberra, Australia to over 10 countries.
Wherever he arrived, he was greeted warmly by the local Chinese that facilitated his studies.
Prof. Zhou has a colorful life experience. He left his hometown to study in Hong Kong in 1949 when he was a little child.
After he finished high school, his family could no longer afford him to further his study.
But fortunately, introduced by his uncle, he became an assistant of scholar Rao Zongyi and began to study traditional Chinese culture. They often participated in activities in libraries and schools in Hong Kong.
In 1963, Zhou got a full scholarship of the Australian National University and went there to study for a PhD degree.
Then he began a one-year global search to find and collect oracle bone scripts all over the world for his research.
Because it was hard to get original scripts, he always did some photographing or copying.
Because rubbings were made by thin paper, they were easy to break. He must be very careful and spend a lot of time to do the work.
He believes that the study is valuable since oracle bone scripts can enhance national self-confidence.
The oracle bone scripts are considered as the oldest Chinese inscriptions that are indisputably writing. They can be dated back to 1600 BC. The contents of these inscriptions involved many aspects of people's social life.
Zhou then went to the United States and worked at the Asian language and culture department of the University of California, Los Angeles.
As a retired professor, Zhou still keeps himself busy with promoting traditional Chinese culture. Recently, he has been preparing for the "Belt and Road" activities in North America. Enditem
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