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Over 660,000 social organizations registered in China

Xinhua News Agency | Sun,2016-05-01

China had 664,841 registered social organizations as of the end of March, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said on Sunday.
  The registered organizations include 329,000 social groups, 4,841 foundations and 331,000 private non-enterprise units, according to the ministry.
  A private non-enterprise unit is a community organization established by enterprises, public service units, social organizations and other community forces and individual citizens with non-state assets to engage in non-profit service activities.
  Private non-enterprise units include schools, hospitals, eldercare centers and museums.
  "Private non-enterprise units, with their rapid development in China, have played a critical role in social undertakings," said Huang Ru, deputy head of the social organization management bureau under the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
  According to Huang, private non-enterprise units will be renamed social service agencies after China's Charity Law takes effect in September, and they will take part in charity activities through providing free professional services to the disabled, the poor and the elders.  (APD)

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