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Slovak teachers call on special parliamentary session

Xinhua News Agency | Thu,2016-02-04 Slovak teachers call on special parliamentary session
BRATISLAVA, Feb. 3 (Xinhua) -- Dissatisfied Slovak teachers on strike made a joint call on Wednesday for their situation to be dealt with at an extraordinary parliamentary session.
"We call on MPs to deal with the critical situation at a parliamentary session. The problems of teachers have been ignored for a long time," announced Vladimir Crmoman from the strike committee of the Slovak Teachers Initiative.
According to Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, the time has come for teachers still on strike to go back to their pupils and students.
"It's time to resume classes and hold rational discussions as to what will be done after the parliamentary election," added Fico on Wednesday.
Fico also made it clear that no decisions on the funding of the education sector and the salaries of teachers will be made prior to the general election on March 5.
"After all that's happened, it's impossible to adopt decisions of a financial nature before March 5," stressed Fico, adding that the incumbent Government has increased the salaries of teachers by 22 percent in total between 2012-16. Enditem
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