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If passed, Iran nuclear deal will spur controversy in U.S.


​Despite lack of clarity on exactly when and whether the U.S. and Iran will strike a deal over Tehran's nuclear program, one thing is certain - any deal U.S. President Barack Obama's administration brings home is bound to spark controversy in the U.S. Congress.

Egypt's new anti-terror bill raises concerns and debate


​The new anti-terrorism draft law recently approved by the Egyptian cabinet has raised debate and concerns about freedom and human rights, analysts here said Wednesday.

EP big guns rally in favor of new TTIP proposals


​Major political groups in the European Parliament (EP) called Tuesday for a more common sense approach to Wednesday's vote on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Can a deal with serious reforms, less austerity for Greece reachable?


​After Greeks rejected creditors' bailout terms in Sunday's referendum, renegotiations between creditors and Greek authorities are still possible and the best outcome for all sides would be a "real deal with less austerity but serious reforms in Greece," European analysts have said.

Europe needs "good" agreement to save Greece


​Greece is heading to uncharted waters as its people gave a clear "no" to lenders' demand on austerity in Sunday's referendum, a move further challenged the eurozone's other 18 member states and the European Union institutions. As time is running out, a "good" agreement is in urgent need to save debt-torn Greece.

U.S., Iran head toward nuke deal, but U.S. Congress could block


​The U.S. and Iran are reportedly nearing a deal on Tehran's nuclear program, but it remains unknown whether the U.S. Congress will undermine the agreement by refusing to lift the sanctions that have ruined Iran's economy.

More significant reforms needed for a stable Greece


Greece needs more significant reforms aiming for job creation and economic growth, no matter what might be the outcome of the country's Sunday referendum on whether to accept more austerity in exchange for international aid.

Greek default brings political risks to Italy


​Greece's default this week is expected to increase borrowing costs for the Italian government and have a negative impact on the way international investors see the country. But experts say the most important near-term risks for Italy may be political more than economic.

Greek gov't leading country on unknown adventure


​Following an unexpected decision by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Greek citizens will vote on Sunday in favor of or against a recent proposal made by the country's creditors to guarantee further financing.

U.S., Iran could miss nuke deal deadline again: U.S. experts


​The U.S. and Iran missed Tuesday 's deadline to hammer out an agreement on the Islamic Republic's controversial nuclear program, but some experts said they would not be surprised if the new deadline is postponed again.