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Benefits of Cuba-U.S. ties lie in lifting trade embargo


Restoring diplomatic ties would benefit both the United States and Cuba, and Latin America in general, if recent events are to go beyond being merely feel-good group photos to bookend U.S. President Barack Obama's second term.

Budget deficit mainly behind Egypt's growing debts


​Economic experts said the budget deficit, among other factors, is the most significant reason for both the domestic and external growing debts of Egypt.

Greek cabinet reshuffle receives mixed reactions


​Greece's cabinet reshuffle aimed at finalizing in coming weeks the debt deal on a third bailout with international creditors received mixed reactions in Athens on Saturday.

Bank account freeze of Russia Today exposes West's hypocrisy over free press


Barclays' freeze of the account of Russia's Rossiya Segodnya, commonly known as Russia Today (RT), once again shows the West's double standards over free press.

More needs to be done after "Agreekment" reached at Euro summit


​After 17 hours of negotiations, the eurozone leaders announced Monday they have reached an "Agreekment" for a third bailout to provide support to Greece.

Nuclear deal turns a new page in Iran's history


​The nuclear deal Iran and world powers struck Tuesday has signaled Iran's comeback to the world community, paving way for the normalization of its ties with most countries in the world, analysts here said.

Iran nuclear deal affects regional political landscape


​The nuclear deal reached Tuesday between Iran and the world powers is likely to change the political map in the Middle East, said Egyptian experts.

Iran deal triumph for diplomacy, earnest implementation crucial


​Those who have waited anxiously in the past 20-plus months for a comprehensive deal on Iran's nuclear issue could breath a sigh of relief Tuesday as parties are confirmed to have finally clinched after marathon talks a deal that represents a huge triumph for diplomacy.

Slovakia wants new rules to attract major investments


​Slovakia stands a big chance of attracting another car maker that would create thousands of jobs.

Greece's last chance to strike debt deal this weekend


​Greece has a last chance to strike a debt deal with creditors by the weekend or head to bankruptcy and Grexit, analysts warned.