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Gov't reshuffle deepens internal Palestinian feuds


​The recent reshuffle of the Palestinian consensus government has apparently deepened the internal feuds concerning its fate, according to analysts.

Relaunch of strategic talks signal improving U.S. -Egypt ties


​The United States and Egypt on Sunday reopened their strategic dialogues in Cairo, which is a sign seen by many experts that may improve the two nations' long-estranged ties since the downfall of Egypt's former Islamic President Mohammad Morsi.

Global economic coordination system proposed to boost G20 effectiveness


Some international meetings end up being all talk but no action. The Group of 20 (G20), representing the bulk of the world economy, can avoid this by setting up a "global economic coordination system" to enhance its effectiveness, a Chinese think tank has suggested.

U.S. spying on Japan proves it has never treated allies as equals


The recently exposed U.S. spying on Japan, one of its most loyal "allies," has once again proved to the world that U.S. foreign polices are still based on realpolitik and it only sees other countries as objects to control, no matter whether they are "friends" or foes.

Mullah Omar's death may split Taliban's ranks


The death of Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar may divide the Taliban ranks and will cause a split among the militant group's leadership, local analysts suggested.

Pentagon under pressure to fix loopholes in anthrax shipment


The U.S. military faces pressure both at home and abroad to correct safety lapses in its anthrax shipment process as Congress held a hearing Tuesday to investigate the issue.

Analyst says EU eyes cooperation with Iran after nuke deal


​As the European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini embarked on a visit to Iran, a European analyst said that the visit was about to begin the important task of seeking EU-Iran cooperation after the nuclear deal.

U.S. Congress may have little say on Iran nuke deal


​U.S. lawmakers are furious that President Barack Obama circumvented Congress to reach a nuclear deal with Iran, but even if Congress votes down the deal, it will be extremely difficult to repeal it, experts said.

Education, development key tools for fighting extremism in Egypt


​Although security campaigns are necessary for fighting growing terrorism in Egypt, education and development are key tools to bring up a sound generation and combat prevailing extremist thoughts in the most populous Arab country, said Egyptian experts.

Health care in Slovakia still lagging behind advanced world


​Slovakia is lagging behind the advanced world in terms of life expectancy and quality amid the risk of a rapid rise in the deficit in the health-care sector, the long-term analyses of the health-care sector in Slovakia have shown.