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Italy needs upward dynamism since its high-level debt still problem for economy


​Italy's public debt dropped to 2.2036 trillion euros in June, down by 14.6 billion euros on the record high reached in May, the Bank of Italy said on Thursday. But economists believed that is not a reason to be optimistic because Italy's staggering debt mountain will likely become problematic unless the country's economy can start to grow.

Trump fervor could fade, but that could take a while


​Billionaire mogul Donald Trump' s bid to clinch the White House is still gaining much media attention, but some analysts are saying the controversial Republican candidate could fade out of the spotlight, although that could take some time.

PM's resignation shift mirrors Libya's political chaos


​Mystery surrounds Libyan Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni's resignation Wednesday as contradicting messages circulated throughout Libya's local media.

Iraq pushes forth with sweeping reform plan


The Iraqi parliament on Tuesday voted unanimously for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's crucial reform plan that put Iraq at crossroads after recent demonstrations against corruption and poor services.

Nationalistic attitudes gaining ground in Finns Party


​As the populist Finns Party, one of the three ruling parties of Finland, wound up its weekend convention in Turku, southwestern Finland, commentators believed that the party seems to be going into a nationalistic direction.

Entrenched racial divide, social injustice in U.S. demand introspection


​The anniversary of the Ferguson unrest could have been a good opportunity for Americans to reflect on racial divide. Unfortunately, a similar incident took place again.

Iran nuclear deal ushers in heightened diplomacy in Syria


​The long-stalemated Syrian crisis is now witnessing a flurry of diplomatic talks and marathon meetings that could usher in a political solution, in what appeared to be the first positive repercussions of the Iranian nuclear deal on Syria, analysts say.

Security threats, foreign ties behind Egypt's diversified arm deals


​After four years of turbulence in Egypt, the North African country has adopted new strategy to diversify its weaponry sources and eventually create more flexible ties with new international factors.

Egypt's "New Suez Canal" promising, yet challenges remain


​As Egypt officially opened on Thursday its "New Suez Canal," experts believe that while the nation's flagship project will help spur the nation's economic comeback, security, corruption and the slack global trade are among the thorny challenges Cairo has to face.

Iran nuclear deal best option so far, possible to unlock door to Mideast peace


​Despite all the criticism and skepticism, Iran's nuclear deal with six world powers still remains the most viable option for the international community to unravel this decade-old conundrum and help bring lasting peace to the most volatile part of the world.