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Egypt's Sisi maneuvers to deliver more balanced foreign policy


​Since taking office last May, Egypt' s President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi has been working hard to diversify the country's strategic relations with foreign powers after decades of submission to the political will of the United States, political observers said on Wednesday.

Refugee crisis posing economic, security risks for locals at Macedonian border


​The Greek ferry "Elefteros Venizelos" brought almost 2,500 new migrants from Syria in the Greek port Pireia on Tuesday, Greek media reported.

PLO elections may deepen Palestinian internal split


​Analysts believe that holding an unusual emergency session in a month's time for the Palestinian National Council (PNC) would exasperate the feud amongst Palestinians.

Turkey's politics face struggling interim rule


​Turkish domestic and foreign politics have been crumbling while the country is heading towards a snap election on November, analysts said.

British embassy reopening underlines Europe's eagerness to return to Iran


​The reopening of Britain's embassy in Tehran on Sunday, only a month after the nuclear deal, revealed the eagerness of European countries to resume ties with Iran, analysts said.

Libya risks becoming "another Somalia", Italy warns ahead of new round of talks


​Libya risks becoming a "failed state" like Somalia, if its warring factions will not reach an agreement in the next few weeks, Italy's Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni recently warned.

U.S. populist candidates basking in limelight in race to White House


​The lead up to the 2016 U.S. presidential elections is not taking the direction everyone has expected, with the most populist candidates getting all the attention, and those expected to be shoe-ins taking a back seat.

Rousseff may avoid impeachment but face tougher road ahead


As the web of corruption continues to spread across Brazil's political and economic landscape, Rousseff casts herself as a woman standing alone over the chaos.

Will counter initiative repeal Finland's same-sex marriage amendment?


​Supporters of marriage equality in Finland rejoiced in November last year after the efforts behind a civil initiative, entitled Tahdon2013, eventually led to the Finnish parliament voting in favor of the legal recognition of same sex marriage.

Massive bombings challenge Iraq's reform plan


​The recent massive bombings in Iraq are seriously threatening an ambitious plan the country's parliament has just passed on public-service reform.