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Economists divided over impact of Italian gov' t-proposed tax cut


​Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi this week promised around 35 billion euros (39.2 billion U.S. dollars) in tax cuts in what is likely the Renzi government's most dramatic plan yet aimed at helping to spark new economic growth. But economists are split on whether the tax cut plan will have the desired impact.

Organized crime makes migrant crisis even harder to handle for Italy


​One of Italy's oldest problems, organized crime, is making its newest major international challenge -- the growing migrant crisis -- harder to handle, experts say.

Egypt tiptoes along 3-stage roadmap awaiting final dash


​The weakness of Egyptian major political parties due to inner conflicts and divisions is unlikely to produce a powerful and influential parliament in the near future, said Egyptian political experts.

Italians struggling despite good economic news in Sept.


​The arrival of September was good news for Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. The month opened with a positive readjustment to the country's economic growth calculations and some long-awaited positive movement with unemployment levels.

Europe struggles to cope with tidal wave of refugees


​A tsunami of men, women and children fleeing their homelands in North Africa and the Middle East continued to overwhelm countries across Europe on Tuesday.

Egypt pins hope on new gas discovery for energy supply


​The recent discovery of the largest natural gas field in the Mediterranean Sea in the Egyptian offshore is expected to rescue Egypt from energy shortage and trouble, said experts here.

Row between Italy, EU on migrant crisis may be about more than it seems


​In recent days, the leaders of Italy, Germany, and France have traded barbs over the European Union's handling of the growing migrant crisis. And while the debate may ultimately have an impact on the way the EU addresses the issue, some experts say it may also affect the balance of power in the 28-nation bloc.

Italy's sparkling wines exports keep booming, boosted by UK and U. S.'s 'thirst'


​Latest data seemed to suggest export of Italy's sparkling wines would continue booming this year, following a record in global sales registered in 2014.

Western powers mainly responsible for refugee crisis, should do more


​When boats packed with refugees capsized in the Mediterranean, resulting in countless deaths, Western powers ought to acknowledge their responsibilities for the tragedies, and should do more to embrace the hopeless.

Tough challenges ahead for sweeping reform plan in Iraq


​Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is facing hard options as his anti-corruption reform plan is crucial for battling Islamic State (IS) militants, but put him at odds with protesters as well as with political process which was built on consensus among competing political rivals.